Autorun of any files and launcher for portable USB flash drive software

AutoRunnerX und AutoRunnerU

AutoRunnerX and AutoRunnerU are autorun-extensions for Windows (32/64bit). These tools can open programs and files, when a USB flash drive or external hard disk to the computer is connected. After the activation AutoRunnerX/U work completely in the background.

In addition, a hash function for programs is integrated to detect manipulations by computer viruses what is important especially at the use of portable software. Note: Nevertheless, you activate a anti-virus software for USB flash drives.


AutoRunnerX can only be configured with administrator rights. Settings affect all user profiles on a computer.

AutoRunnerU can be configured with user rights. All computer users can use their own configurations.

Both system extensions work with the rights which the logged user has at the computer. If you login at the computer with simple user rights, then AutoRunnerX or AutoRunnerU also will work with simple user rights.

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